Tentative is a podcast about digital product design. Hosted by thoughtbot Chief Design Officer Kyle Fiedler & Reda Lemeden.

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    41: Happy Birthday Kyle

    Reda & Kyle discuss color consistency across tools and devices, as well as the inefficiencies of design workflows.

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    40: CoolGraphics.com

    Kyle & Reda discuss search engines, documentation searches, reminisce about Photoshop Slices in Dreamweaver, and question Reda's Google-Fu.

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    39: Too Much Fiddling

    Kyle & Dawn discuss end-of-project planning / organization, jobs vs user stories, and the merits of Austin TX.

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    38: Grid Locked

    Brenda joins Reda to discuss CSS Grid Layout, the reasons they don't use grid frameworks as much anymore, iPad design, and the pros/cons of client vs product work.

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    37: That Sounds Very Obvious Coming Out of My Mouth

    Dawn and Kyle talk about Dawn’s recent experience running usability tests, and what learned from running them. Kyle discusses how he's using Jobs-to-be-done theory to build a marketing landing page. Finally, how they approach which resolution screen to design for first.

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    36: Floating in Space

    Reda and Jack talk about design from the perspective of a developer, why CSS sucks for layout, retro game making, and App Store things.

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    35: Design Debt

    We talk about the dichotomy of perfection in design, versus shipping something that is 'good enough'. Reda discusses how he is keeping track of the places in the app that he wants to improve while trying to hit deadlines. Also, recent experience jumping on print design and branding projects, and the different tools used when tackling them.

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    34: Big Human Aspect

    We discuss whether it is better to have a bunch of work waiting for you or none when getting back from a vacation, what it’s like being the only designer on a project, documenting design, and trends / style specifically for iOS (and how it relates to the web).

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    33: Design Speak

    Kyle is joined by Jaclyn Perrone to talk about designing with seed data, and how to make a new interface not look empty. They discuss using jobs-to-be-done to influence a product through interviews and job statements, as well as how they approach designing with users in mind, and the value of real users' reactions when testing interfaces.

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    32: Sprinting Remotely

    Kyle is joined by Dawn Delatte to discuss the different tools and methodology employed in tackling a remote design sprint. They cover some of the success and failures of a recent sprint and how they split up work afterwards.

    Dawn talks about diving into JavaScript which leads to a discussion on how they learn new technology and design techniques. Kyle is back on a rails app and is enjoying planning out the product.

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