Tentative is a podcast about digital product design.
Hosted by thoughtbot's Chief Design Officer Kyle Fiedler & Boston Design Director Jaclyn Perrone.

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    54: Solutionize: Test the App, Not the User

    Sameera Kapila, a designer from thoughtbot Austin, joins Kyle to talk about prototype user testing, being wary of leading questions, challenging assumptions, and ways to take action on your findings.

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    53: BAM! Here's Your App!

    This week we discuss the importance of keeping a tight feedback loop on communication, and allowing time for experimentation & validation. Also, are retro notes helpful?

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    52: Kyle's Think Hut™

    Dealing with React Native, designing email templates for Outlook, "Designer News", and combating distraction.

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    51: Batman's Fanny Pack

    This week, we discuss approaches to prototypes in User Testing, Sharpie preferences, how Batman arrived at the final design of his utility belt, and defining thoughtbot's design values.

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    50: Immersed in Chaos

    While recovering from SxSW Kyle & Jaclyn discuss design experiences in day-to-day life, and surviving conferences / networking events.

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    49: Food for Thought

    Kyle & Jaclyn discuss weather apps, maintaining focus in User Interviews, tips for managing frequent contexting switching, and documentation during a design sprint.

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    48: Remove Thy Bias

    Jaclyn & Kyle catch up and chat about user testing, and empathizing with user-problems you haven't personally experienced.

    Other tangents include: sleep, traveling to NYC, the weather, spelling & pluralization techniques, the annoyance of advertisements, Netflix confessions, misadventures with torrenting, Kyle's new voice-acting career, and motivational speaking.

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    47: Cubital Fossa

    We're a bit giddy this rare pre-coffee morning recording, before Segway-ing into naming conventions in CSS, as well as communicating about the design process and decisions.

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    46: The Danger Zone

    Jaclyn and Kyle ponder their past lives and spirit animals, and manage to squeeze in some design talk about condensed sprints, tips for managing remote user testing, reinforcing best-practices, and time management.

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    45: Happy Mistakes

    Kyle & Jaclyn are back for 2018! This week they discuss Die Hard, designing on an iPad, the importance of community to creation, and embracing the flaws in your art.

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